What is Aluminium?

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Aluminium is a light, strong, flexible, non-corrosive and infinitely recyclable metal. Aluminium is widely used in the transport, construction, packaging and electrical industries.


Primary metal can be rolled, extruded or cast as pure aluminium or aluminium alloys. Alloys are formed by combining pure aluminium with magnesium, silicon, manganese or other elements to produce properties such as extra strength or additional corrosion resistance.

The majority of our metal is cast to customer requirements - either pure aluminium or aluminium alloys - and is exported to domestic and international markets.

Aluminium will continue to have a significant role in a carbon-constrained world. Recycling aluminium uses only five per cent of the energy needed to produce primary metal. Its use in lightweight vehicles means it is the fastest growing material used in the automotive sector.


The use of one kilogram of aluminium to replace steel in a car or light truck can save a net 20 kilograms of CO2 over the life of the vehicle.