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NZAS enables innovation in New Zealand

Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) at Auckland University

NZAS' collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) plays a major part in its continuing success.

Dr Pretesh Patel, Manager, Europe and Gulf Regions, University of Auckland (UoA) LMRC says:

"Since the 1970s, NZAS and the University of Auckland (UoA) have had a strong research, technical support and training collaboration.

This close relationship allowed the UoA to build significant internal knowledge in aluminium smelting research and development, increasing the capability of academic staff, many of whom have been recognised as world leaders in their fields. In 2002, these world leading academics and the UoA founded the Light Metals Research Centre which is an internationally renowned centre for fundamental research, technology development, technical support and training for the international smelting and light metals industry."

Video courtesy of Royal Society of New Zealand

Yunca Engineering

"For the past 25 years we have used our work with NZAS as a platform to build expertise and capability that has allowed us to successfully tender and win international contracts from other aluminium smelters including Boyne Smelters, Bell Bay Aluminium, Tomago Aluminium, Dubal and most recently Trimet in Germany.

The technology engineered in New Zealand to keep the world smelters at the forefront of emerging designs and innovation, can only be attributed to us having such a big player at as a neighbour.

The expected revenue for New Zealand enterprise generated from our latest project would be in excess of US$10m per smelter worldwide, if universally adopted. Again, all spring boarding off the industrial asset that is New Zealand's Aluminium Smelter.”

Terry Young, CEO, Yunca Group


Yunca CH


"EIS began operating with five employees in 1995 on the back of a major upgrade at NZAS. Since then EIS has grown to be a 65-employee company and the ongoing relationship with NZAS has been instrumental in achieving that.

EIS is now looking at export opportunities and is currently working with engineering consultants from Callaghan Innovation to produce a prototype robotic anode cleaner for the global smelting industry. Having a working and supportive smelter such as NZAS on our doorstep helps us to be highly confident about our future."

Dean Addie, CEO, EIS